Our Insole blanks

People who love to move a lot in their free time often feel high levels of strain on their feet. Our insoles aim to counteract strain and discomfort in everyday life or during sports. Whether produced using the ‘film technique’, milled or punched, every single insole embodies innovative know-how and expert perfection.

Create loading and relief areas in a targeted way. Flexible and focused.

The new insole technology with 3D concept

Scan. Print. Wear.

A new era: Our foot supports with carbon fabric

Our insole technology for sports from running to winter sports

Our insole range for everyone who spends a lot of time on their feet at work

Our add-on parts for all S90 foot supports in our range

Our foot supports for special indications from hallux rigidus to plantar fasciitis

Our foot supports for effective support

Our proprioceptive insoles for gait formation in paresis and spasticity