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Our Insole blanks > Novaped flexspot

Putting our best foot forward

We have now added another valuable feature to our Novaped product family, which already incorporate many useroriented technologies:

Novaped flexspot – the adaption assistant – for medical orthopaedic use, allowing you to create contact and loading or relief areas in next to no time.


Novaped flexspot is composed of thin padding layers that can be delaminated. They are divided into pre-cut, anatomically designed zones. The individual zones can be removed layer by layer through heating.

This allows you to customise the top cover 3-dimensionally and create the contact or relief areas needed by removing the relevant pre-cut elements.


  • A Novaped flexspot SUB or ADD padded cover
  • An insole base from the Novaped range
The pressure ratios
The removed elements with a thickness of 1 or 2 mm might look very thin, but they have a big effect. In the example shown, they have reduced the peak pressure values in the midfoot area (MPJ) by up to 55 %.
This shows that Novaped flexspot achieves the desired effect in a targeted way through carefully measured pressure relief.
Hot air – as simple as it is clever
Simply remove the relevant zones from the individual material layers by heating them with a hot-air gun or in a hot-air oven (recommended for flexspot ADD). Thanks to the unique, reversible adhesive technology, you can reheat elements that have already been removed and use them again. No special tool or adhesive is required.
Individual treatment is literally in your own hands!
The materials
The multi-layered padding is made of cushioning, non-abrasive and temperature-insensitive polyurethane (PU). The properties of the PU materials are not altered by heating. The high resilience and permanent elasticity ensure a reliable cushioning.
These characteristics mean the material layers are simultaneously thin and effective.

Novaped flexspot SUB

The relief principle
Novaped flexspot SUB is positioned where the pressure peaks on the foot are represented. The removal of material at specific points reduces the pressure on overloaded structures. The 1 mm thick material layers allow the pressure to be finely adjusted in line with the principle of ‘as much relief as necessary, but as little as possible’.

Heat and remove
The padding is composed of two PU layers, each 1 mm thick, and an OnDry cover. The anatomical pressure zones of the foot are pre-cut into the padding. The individual material layers in the zones can be removed by heating. This means pressure relief of 1 mm or a total of 2 mm can be provided by removing the relevant pieces.

Heating the padding sections with a hot-air gun
Heat the padding materials with a hot-air gun for approx. 15 seconds at 400°C/752°F from a distance of 10 to 15 cm. You can then remove the desired elements.

965310000 Novaped flexspot SUB, padded, with perforated OnDry cover, black 35 - 48

Novaped flexspot ADD

The ‘more loading area is less pressure‘ principle
With Novaped flexspot ADD, large areas are removed from the padding. The effect comes from those that remain. The areas that remain in place provide additional stimulation and add to the supporting function of the foot orthotic base used. The material can be ground at the edges without difficulty, allowing optimal adjustment. Areas of the foot are given effective support and pressure distribution is optimised.

Heat and remove
The padding is composed of a 3 mm thick p² absorb layer (green), a 2 mm p² resorb layer (black) and an OnDry cover (grey). The green padding is pre-cut into the common supporting areas of the foot. Those that are not needed can be easily removed by heating. Thanks to the reversible adhesive connection, the elements can also be repositioned as needed.

Heating the padding sections in a hot-air oven
Place Novaped flexpot ADD in a hot-air oven for approx. 2 minutes at 130° C/266° F. The required elements can be easily removed or repositioned.

965320000 Novaped flexspot ADD, padded, with perforated OnDry cover, grey 35 - 48

Novaped flexspot SUB SOLO

For basic treatment
The Novaped flexspot SUB model is also available in a version for a simple and effective treatment option: Novaped flexspot SUB SOLO. The padding design, the pre-cuts and the individual width adjustment are almost identical. However, the Novaped flexspot SUB SOLO is not affixed with an orthotic base, but simply placed into the shoe as an flat-bed insole.

The same processing: heat and remove
The padding of the SUB SOLO version is composed of three PU layers, each 1 mm thick, and is pre-cut in the pressure-relevant areas. 1 mm or 2 mm of material layers can be removed as needed, by heating.

Heating the padding sections with a hot-air gun
Heat the padding materials with a hot-air gun for approx. 15 seconds at 400°C/752°F from a distance of 10 to 15 cm. You can then remove the desired elements.

965300000 Novaped flexspot SUB SOLO, padded, with PiGrecco cover, beige 35 - 48


The efficient processing and special material properties are the foundation stones of the Novaped flexspot concept for targeted contact, loading or relief.


  • Time saving
  • Reproducibility
  • Simple to use
  • No specific tool / no adhesive required
  • Various possible applications


  • Cushioning but non-abrasive multi-layered PU padding
  • Not temperature-sensitive
  • Multi-layered pressure relief or added contact
  • Reversible adhesive connections
  • Very high restoring force