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Novaped exclusive Y-strap from size 35

Our popular 25 mm Y-strap is now also available for smaller sizes!

From size 35 upwards, you can now combine your favourite design with a wide strap.

Now you can really make your design stand out.

New templates for Novaped exclusive

By popular demand, we have made changes to the templates for Novaped exclusive. The slits are now fully milled through so you can make better use of them for designing and adjusting. We have also marked the millimetres of the straps (17, 25 and 40 mm) on the template.

Novaped exclusive template
Made of plastic, to determine length and width of Y- and X-sandals with standard footbed

Per article size 35 - 43
Article no. 96 9711-000

Per article size 38 - 50
Article no. 96 9712-000

New configurator NovaPED exclusive

s the summer holiday season slowly draws to a close, we've got some amazing news that'll put you right back in a holiday mood even though it's late summer:

Our configurator has been given a new design!

We've completely overhauled it and incorporated many new details that you asked us to...

Then try the configurator out for yourself at:

Export Seminar 2019 report

Here at Schein, we had the opportunity to welcome numerous ladies and gentlemen from all over the world to our location in Remscheid for the sixth time.
This year’s Export Seminar was once again a complete success, and with 40 attendees from 12 countries.
The wide range of speakers made the two-day programme an educational and entertaining event. After the champagne reception and welcome address, we gave all the attendees a tour of the facility, allowing us to provide an insight into the manufacturing of our products. Those who wanted to become more familiar with the product portfolio then had the opportunity to gain information about everything from LucRo shoes to measurement technology and orthopaedic foot supports.

Following that successful start, the programme got underway. Schein had the great honour of welcoming Kirsten Götz-Neumann as speaker on the first day. As an expert in the field of gait analysis, Ms Götz-Neumann presented her ‘Gehen Verstehen’ concept, revolutionising and expanding the way of thinking of many of the attendees with regard to the subject of gait analysis in the process.
To round out the first day, all attendees and speakers enjoyed excellent evening entertainment! A delicious banquet was served at Burg Castle in Solingen, together with a performance by the ‘Der Schwartenhalss’ group featuring jugglers, music and magic. The second day was filled with interesting talks on a wide variety of subjects.
Robert Haimerl got things underway with an insight into foot care, featuring both theoretical and practical tips and tricks on everything from insoles to exercises. The attendees also got involved and realised just what the human foot can do when they tried to write their name with their feet – an astonishing experience.
That was followed by an excursion into the world of medicine. We were honoured to host Dr Dirk Schraeder, who provided us with an interesting talk on the increasingly important topic of diabetes.
The real-life example cases opened the eyes of many, making them more aware of the subject of ‘early treatment of diabetic foot’.

The two days were rounded off by the company presentation from Jan Schutrups. He and his independent Dutch company have become very well known beyond the country’s borders. He has shown that an eye for detail and occasional courage to do something unusual can be the key to success and has inspired others with that good example.

As a company, we at Schein are very pleased that lots of customers made the long journey to visit us in Bergisches Land. Due to the attendance of many interested customers, we will continue this series of seminars in English.

Gehen Verstehen Seminar report

The start of September at Schein was all about ‘Gehen Verstehen’ (understanding gait).

30 participants from the areas of OST, OT and PT attended the basic and advanced training course led by Kirsten Götz-Neumann, President of the O.G.I.G. (Observational Gait Instructor Group) and an expert in gait and movement analysis, from 2 to 5 September.

The content of the clearly presented course included the eight gait phases and the most common gait deviations, as well as their significance for the locomotor system as a whole.

Among the highlights of the course, which was characterised by theoretical as well as many practical exercises, were the demo patients who had been invited and were jointly analysed among the group of participants under the instruction of Kirsten Götz-Neumann and received practical assistance and helpful exercises there and then.

Due to the extremely positive feedback from participants and the course leader, the intention is to continue the series of seminars in future. All courses and contact partners for future dates are listed on the Schein seminar portal:


25. - 26.09.2020 Remscheid


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08.10.2020 Leipzig

Neuer Termin | Sales Training

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14.11.2020 Remscheid

Sensomotorische Einlagenversorgung

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18.11.2020 Remscheid

SCHEINWORKS construction

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25.11.2020 Remscheid

Konfektionierte Schuhversorgungen bei Diabetes-Fußsyndrom

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27.11.2020 Augsburg

Anatomiekurs – der Fuß

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31.08. - 03.09.2021 Remscheid

„Gehen verstehen“ Ganganalyse Teil I + II

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04. - 07.09.2021 Remscheid

„Gehen verstehen“ Biomechanik Teil I + II

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