Dear Customers,
Dear Business Partners,
Dear Friends of the Schein Group,

We are all very concerned by the current situation with regard to coronavirus (COVID-19). But we would like to assure you that the Schein Group is still there for you. Despite the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 and the associated consequences, our business operations in Remscheid, Rottenburg and Erfurt are safeguarded and secured.

Our production and supply chains are not currently affected by COVID-19. All employees in those areas are working to heightened hygiene and safety requirements, such as strictly separated shift work. Therefore, we are confident that your products will be delivered in the usual way.

In the interest of all parties, sales force visits in the coming weeks will be suspended or reduced to a minimum. Our sales force colleagues will continue to attend to you from their home offices and can be reached by telephone or email. Please feel free to get in touch with them.

Alternatively, you still have the option of contacting our corporate Group directly:

Schein Orthopädie Service KG
Tel: +49 2191 910-0

RuckgaberBrüggemann Orthopädie Service GmbH
Tel: +49 7457 9497-0

ATeC Shoes Orthopädie Service GmbH
Tel: +49 361 42014-0

Schein Orthopädie Service KG team

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Novaped sensoCAD - Just KISS

We launched our new Novaped sensoCAD system at this year's OST trade fair in Cologne. In keeping with our motto 'KISS: Keep it simple and smart', we have developed a new product line which makes it easy for beginners to get started with sensomotoric insoles and makes life easier for seasoned professionals.

The Novaped sensoCAD system is based on five differently designed orthopaedic foot supports which can be used to treat a wide range of different conditions. The models have been linked with various example applications to make it easier to select the right support. In line with a medical prescription, the supports are individually adjusted for a customer by a healthcare technician into a special construction. The supports are adjusted by grinding. Another option is Novaped sensoCAD elements; add-on parts which are fused to the underside of the support. The optionally available insole patterns make it easier to incorporate the Novaped elements into the shoe and position them.

Novaped sensoCAD orthopaedic foot supports are milled from EVA with a Shore A hardness of 35°. On the underside, the supports are reinforced by a differently coloured film composite material which makes it easier to distinguish the individual models from each other. All supports are available with a flat or rounded heel in sizes 19 to 50 and can be ordered individually.

Novaped exclusive Y-strap from size 35

Our popular 25 mm Y-strap is now also available for smaller sizes!

From size 35 upwards, you can now combine your favourite design with a wide strap.

Now you can really make your design stand out.

New templates for Novaped exclusive

By popular demand, we have made changes to the templates for Novaped exclusive. The slits are now fully milled through so you can make better use of them for designing and adjusting. We have also marked the millimetres of the straps (17, 25 and 40 mm) on the template.

Novaped exclusive template
Made of plastic, to determine length and width of Y- and X-sandals with standard footbed

Per article size 35 - 43
Article no. 96 9711-000

Per article size 38 - 50
Article no. 96 9712-000


27.05.2020 Remscheid

SCHEINWORKS construction

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17.06.2020 Remscheid

Konfektionierte Schuhversorgungen bei Diabetes-Fußsyndrom

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03. - 04.07.2020 Marktheidenfeld

Spiraldynamik® – Fuß/Knie/Beinachse

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02.09.2020 Remscheid

SCHEINWORKS construction

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04. - 05.09.2020 Hannover

Regional Seminar Nord

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15. - 18.09.2020 Remscheid

„Gehen verstehen“ Ganganalyse Teil I + II

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17.09.2020 Dortmund

Sales Training

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21. - 24.09.2020 Remscheid

„Gehen verstehen“ Biomechanik Teil I + II

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25. - 26.09.2020 Remscheid


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02.10.2020 Augsburg

Neuer Termin | Anatomiekurs – der Fuß

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04.11.2020 Dortmund

NEU Sales Training

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14.11.2020 Remscheid

Sensomotorische Einlagenversorgung

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18.11.2020 Remscheid

SCHEINWORKS construction

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25.11.2020 Remscheid

Konfektionierte Schuhversorgungen bei Diabetes-Fußsyndrom

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27.11.2020 Augsburg

Anatomiekurs – der Fuß

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