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actiflex - New stock program 2019

When it comes to comfort shoes, the most important criteria are that the footwear is both comfortable and functional. This is why our actiflex shoes are available in a range of sizes, widths and with varying heel heights. This way, we can meet your individual needs for foot-friendly, comfortable shoes.

The actiflex shoe features selected leather and individually adjustable options. The comfort shoes come in a range of designs with lovingly crafted details and offer a combination of a modern look with a high degree of comfort.

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NovaPED carbon — Hallux Rigidus

Hallux rigidus describes the restriction of joint motion at the base of the big toe. It is usually caused by arthrosis. Hallux rigidus progresses and causes increasing pain in the metatarsophalangeal joint.

The main functional characteristic of an insole for hallux rigidus is the rigidus spring. This \'splints\' the metatarsophalangeal joint and thus limits its mobility. This way, the forces are transferred from the joint to the stiffening material.

In addition to the desired level of stability, material thickness must be taken into consideration during rigid spring production. Thanks to their extremely thin and light carbon design, the insoles take up minimal space inside the shoe. This leaves more room for padding elements and, of course, the foot itself.

The insole is available with a short or long spring in a range of widths and padding thicknesses, or as a chassis version without padding. All versions come with a suitable compensation insole.

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Scheinworks Measurement technology with two brand-new models

We now have two new models in our product range.

The two treadmills by the company Kettler, the TLK3 and TSL70, are equipped with the well-known integrated pressure measuring plate.

Advantages of the new TLK3 treadmill:

  • ready for use in a few easy steps
  • saves a great deal of space thanks to foldable profile
  • robust pressure measurement technology
  • simple and fast data input via USB interface
  • Gait analysis possible with and without shoes
  • combinable with SyncLightCam for synchronous video recording
Advantages of the new TSL70 treadmill:
  • stable treadmill that runs extremely quietly and max. speed of 20 km/h
  • very large sensor area
  • two different plate sizes
  • Sensor matrix with individually calibrated, capacitive pressure sensors
  • intuitive, modular software suite FDM with in-depth evaluation report
  • optionally combinable with EMG and video

The product range in the NovaPED carbon Edition has been expanded

The Business/Classic and sports insoles line has been extended with a heel spur model.

NovaPED Carbon Plantar Fasciitis consists of a dimensionally stable carbon fibre core and involves the lowering of the plantar tendon, which significantly relieves the tendon structure. An all-round smoothed padding element in the heel that does not ride up and gives the impression of a thin edge.

Its key feature is the interaction of the above-mentioned components, the heel cut-out and a heel ring which is attached under the insole. This combination raises the heel slightly and allows it to be easily cushioned with every step.

A light heel cup that distributes the tread surface and thus the pressure distribution while walking rounds off the product.

SCHEINWORKS FDM 1.18.38 - Update

We are pleased to be able to offer you a new update for your Scheinworks measurement technology.

This update provides you with additional features for your treadmill or your pressure measuring plate. All new: marker tracking! The markers can be placed on the patient with a few easy steps, and the software automatically calculates the joint mobility of the hips, knees and ankles. A few changes were also made to the software to make the analyses more professional while keeping them easy to use.

The update is free for you if you already have a Scheinworks FDM Version! Please contact us if you have any questions. We will gladly provide you with more detailed information as part of a personal meeting.

NovaPED Shell insoles with heel plateau

NovaPED shell insole blanks are designed to correct abnormal foot positions. In order to achieve the desired treatment result, it is important that shoe and insole form a unit to guide the foot as effectively as possible.

Thanks to the heel rounding and the shell-shaped design, an optimal fit is achieved for the foot. This supports the redistribution of pressure and ensures the desired treatment result while also providing a high level of comfort.

The new heel plateau on the underside with its enlarged contact surface ensures greater stability. At the same time, the power transmission of the insole to the shoe floor is increased. The arch structures are effectively supported and the lower ankle joint is additionally stabilised. The heel plateau also has an integrated raised edge that supports natural walking.

more information

New my generation stock collection

The new collection stands for high-quality and environmentally conscious production combined with great attention to detail, a high proportion of craftsmanship and the use of carefully selected materials. In addition, all models meet the requirements of an orthopaedic shoe and thus provide the best possible treatment.

Our new my generation collection inspires with its wide variety of models, many different materials and fresh colours. From grey and turquoise to yellow and pink - there's something to suit every taste. And if no combination appeals to you, simply use the configurator and combine your desired model with another colour or material combination at

NovaPED carbon - Expansion of the product range

Carbon fibres are industrially produced fibres made from carbon-containing starting materials. Thanks to their very high strength and very good power reproduction, carbon fibres are already being used successfully in racing and aeronautics. Our existing Carbon Edition series has been extended by further special insole blanks.

Hallux Rigidus - Insoles
The existing hallux rigidus variant with a flexible spring has been supplemented by two variants with a fixed rigidus spring. We offer a short and a long spring with different widths and cushioning, as well as a chassis version without padding. A suitable compensation insole is still available for all variants.

Carbon Edition - Special Plantar Fasciitis
A completely new variant in the range is plantar fasciitis. On the one hand, there is an insole blank with a conventional shape and heel spur recess. This model is characterised by its high comfort and extremely thin construction. On the other hand, a plantar fasciitis insole has also been developed that leaves space for the heel and the course of the tendon. With this model, a specially developed padded ring has been integrated on the underside of the insole chassis.

more information

LucRo Slippers with PLUS10 widths now available

The two slipper styles "Hildegard" and "Heinrich" are now available from stock in PLUS10 width:

22399 Women's slippers, grey
Model: Hildegard
Sizes 36 to 43

21399 Men's slippers, grey
Model: Heinrich
Sizes 40 to 47

New corrective socks for flat feet and pes valgus

Flat feet and pes valgus are the most common foot deformities. They are characterised by the buckling of the heel and the flattening of the arches. This pushes the forefoot outwards so that it is no longer pointing in the direction of movement, which can result in further problems in the knees and hips.

These corrective socks for flat feet and pes valgus, which have been based on the latest biomechanical findings and made using cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, help to provide effective support to the foot and to correct the gait. The integrated tapes help to reposition the heel and also to bring the ball of the big toe into better contact with the ground.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Wearing time equals therapy time
  • Socks can be worn with all footwear
  • No skin irritations
  • Preventive and therapeutic application
  • Works via tension and not by compression
  • Three-dimensional stabilisation of the foot
  • Can be used for most foot problems

Our Schein app - Now with new service functions!

From determining the right size to the choice of all available shoe models, our app already supports you when advising customers each day.

For the next update in the Apple Store and Google Play Store, we are integrating an additional service function for you.

Via the start screen, you will soon have the opportunity to choose between the familiar option of specifying the last, or the new addition of warehouse availability. This makes it easier to check the availability of our brands LucRo, my generation, Ortho Lady & Gent and actiflex. Just enter the model number you are looking for, select the desired width and/or size and our system will immediately show you the warehouse availability.

Download app

New service times

Please note our new service times:

Monday to Thursday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Shoe service:
Tel.: +49 2191 910-201
Fax: +49 2191 910-102

Tel.: +49 2191 910-200
Fax: +49 2191 910-100

New NovaPED soft orthopaedic foot supports for people with diabetes or rheumatism

The NovaPED soft orthopaedic foot support is specially developed for people with diabetes or rheumatism. Pressure points can become a serious health risk for people with diabetes. The shape and material combination ensure even pressure distribution and avoidance of pressure peaks, which means the insole is also suitable for prophylactic use by people with diabetes.

Due to the good padding characteristics, feet altered by rheumatism can also be successfully cared for. The foundation is composed of inherently stable structural material with additional stiffening material for shaping. Padding is provided by a resilient, impact-absorbing material combination, which, depending on the version, is covered with moisture-absorbing microfibres. The anatomical shaping of the last includes a shell-like heel guide, a hollowing of the basis V and a retrocapital lateral support.

Download brochure

LucRo sportic new to the range

The aim of our products is to give the feet of your customers the protection and treatment they need, because exercise and well-being are the basis for our health.

Just like our shoe lines that are already known - LucRo classic, kinetic and ergonic - our newest collection LucRo sportic also ensures perfect all-round protection: a shoe that not only impresses thanks to its sporty design - the innovative sole with the 'rebound effect' also relieves the strain on the joints with every step.

Look at the new models online:

NovaPED S90 elements - Expansion of the materials range

Our NovaPED elements allow you individual adjustment of the NovaPED S90 insoles (insoles with film technology) - without any adhesive. The mounting parts are lined with an adhesive film. Through warming of the adhesive film and the film side of the insole, both components can be welded together. This saves you time, and the further processing during grinding is made considerably easier by the welded connection.

The existing product group has been expanded to include new materials. For example, the ARU®fant colour 'Stone' has been added. You can find further information in our brochure:

Download brochure

Our Schein app - now as Web app!

From sizing up to selection of all available shoe models, our app offers helpful advice on a daily basis. Now you can easily use our app on your PC via our homepage or Web address

Let the app calculate
Enter your patient's foot measurements; if necessary add the height of the orthopaedic foot support and our app will calculate the matching type of last.

Check the availability and use our filter functions
For checking the availability you have to enter your personal code.
The function can be switched on and off via settings at any time.

Ortho Lady & Gent New collection - new brochure format

Our brochure for the new Ortho Lady & Gent Pre-Order Collection 2017 contains a fresh selection of modern and comfortable mules and sandals.

The new format is an airy yet detailed way of showcasing our collection and makes an excellent basis from which to make your pre-order selection.

Download Ortho Lady & Gent Pre-Order Collection 2017

OT World - New visitor record

With 21,300 visitors (2014: 20,400) from 86 countries (2014: 81), the trade show set a new record for visitor numbers. Over 37% of the industry visitors came from abroad to find out more about the various products.

'The trade show was a complete success for us once again in 2016. OTWorld represents the great future potential of the industry - we will be back in Leipzig in 2018,' said Roger Willms, Head of Marketing/Sales, in summary.

We would like to thank the organisers for the excellent job they did and the visitors for the pleasant discussions and their interest in our products and innovations.

actfilex - The new stock range 2016

Our many years of experience in the development and production of comfortable shoes are reflected in each of our individual models.

But it is not only the attention to detail, technical advances and systematic quality controls that put the seal of approval on our top-class products. Check out our new stock collection for yourself and request our new actiflex stock brochure. You can contact our team on +49 (0)2191 910 201 or at

And don't forget: you have right of return within 30 days on all actiflex models!

actiflex stock range 2016

Download actiflex stock range 2016

NovaPED - New orthopaedic foot supports stock range catalogue

Over a total of 80 pages, we present more than 300 different orthopaedic foot supports that you can order directly from our stock in our new foot support stock range catalogue. These models are available for shipping within 24 hours.

The catalogue is divided into ten chapters, each marked with a tab so that you can quickly and simply find and order from the desired product group.

Download orthopaedic foot supports stock range catalogue

Are you familiar with our new NovaPED S90 elements?

The brand-new elements presented at the OTWorld trade show in Leipzig make individual adjustment of NovaPED S90 orthopaedic foot supports (film technology insoles) possible - simply through heating and without any adhesive.

The elements, made from EVA, are lined with an adhesive film. When the adhesive film and the film side of the foot support are heated, the components can be fused together without the use of an adhesive.

This saves you time, and further processing in the form of sanding is made considerably easier by the fused connection.

Two different elements in three sizes, with bevelled edges for easier shaping, are available to you.

  1. Heel elevation (6 mm)
  2. SupPro wedge (4 mm) for three different versions
    • Hindfoot pronation
    • Hindfoot supination
    • Forefoot pronation

Other options are provided by material sheets (approx. 19.5 × 39.5 cm) in thicknesses of 4 and 6 mm, which can be used for individual blanks.

You can customise the orthopaedic foot supports quickly and with minimal effort in just a few simple steps, from heating to a brilliant finish.

Download NovaPED S90 elements flyer

Play NovaPED S90 elements video

NovaPED S90 carbon edition - From motor racing to orthopaedic shoe technology

Carbon fibres are industrially produced fibres made from raw materials containing carbon. Thanks to their very high stability and rigidity with simultaneously low elongation at fracture, carbon fibres have already been successfully implemented in motor racing and aviation technology.

The combination of carbon and our S90 foot support technology provides several benefits:

  • Inherent stability
  • Extreme thinness and light weight
  • Flexible heel
  • Smooth transitions
  • Anti-slip protective film

In keeping with modern provision possibilities, the high-tech material carbon has been added to existing production processes. Our carbon orthopaedic foot supports can be perfectly combined and customised with the accessory parts from the NovaPED S90 elements range.

Download NovaPED S90 carbon edition flyer

Our Schein app - fits perfectly

From accurate sizing up to the selection of all available shoe models our app supports you during your daily counseling.

Let the app calculate
Enter the foot measurements of your patient, and if necessary the thickness of the foot orthotic, and our app calculates the matching type of last.

Check the availability and use our filter functions
For checking the availability you have to enter your personal code: scheinonline#YourCustomerID. The function can be switched on and off via settings at any time.

Low data volume
The required data volume for the download will only be 80 MB. The remaining area will be used offline. Only for the e-mail order and the availability indicator online access is needed again.

Turn the wheel
In addition to the Schein app there is our hub for my generation with all dimensions of the lasts in practical overview. With overhead marker and prefabricated tag - for hanging in your measuring cabin.

Download Schein App

my generation - Orthotic shoes with BOA® fastening system

Our orthotic shoes are long-lasting products which are further developed and optimized by the know-how of our product management and through the communication with you, our customers.
The latest development we present today.

Our orthotic shoes with BOA® fastening system in two versions:
• with adjustment wheel on the back
• with adjustment wheel on the side

Both lacing systems give the foot excellent hold by achieving even tightening across the entire lace surface.
Our complete collection is available on:

Of course all BOA® models are also available in our popular "my design" configurator.
On both variants can be designed.

We would be happy to assist you personally in all matters by phone - please contact us at +49 2191 910-0.

OST trade fair - New visitor records

A total of 3,852 visitors from almost 40 countries came to the city on the Rhine and used the industry meeting point to obtain and exchange information, to find out what’s new, and to further their knowledge. Participant numbers at the trade fair itself, as well as at the congress and parallel seminars, far exceeded those at previous events in 2011 and 2013 - almost all seminars were fully booked.

The 2015 industry meeting was to be an event in keeping with the tried-and-tested concept of short distances, so the trade fair and congress were located close to one another, with the congress and seminars taking place in new premises. Once again, a practice-oriented programme of talks was offered here, which was met with great interest from visitors from around the world.

We would like to thank the event organisers for their excellent work, and the visitors for the pleasant conversation and interest in our products.

ATeC Shoes Orthopädie Service GmbH - Now under a new company name

As part of the merger of RuckgaberBrüggemann and the adaptation of the ATeC Shoes logo, the corporate name has also been aligned to the corporate group.

Henceforth the company will trade as
ATeC Shoes Orthopädie Service GmbH.

All other contact details remain unchanged. With this step, the appearance of the group of companies will be strengthened with an additional facet.

Accessories catalogue - From measuring devices to accessories

Across a total of 24 pages in our new accessories catalogue, we present you with all the materials required for shoe construction. From the outer soles to the appropriate lining to the uppers, in our catalogue you will find all the components that we also use for our shoes.

The range is rounded off with measuring devices, NovaPED special soft insole blanks for LucRo shoes, and care accessories.

Download accessories catalogue

Wild times at novaPED exclusive

All of you know and like the leathers in "zebra" or "leopard" print in the NovaPED exclusive configurator.

Therefore we expanded our "animal edition" with two more leathers: Now available in our configurator are the codes W33 and W34 with the design of "Giraffe, brown and black" and "Cow, white and brown".

Not only on the feet, also in the shop window or presented on our NovaPED exclusive pillar - they are in any case an eye-catcher.

5th international seminar at schein

We are pleased to invite you for the fifth time to our seminar at schein in our headquarter in Remscheid.
The seminar will take place from Friday till Saturday. Personal exchange, time for individual conversations and the possibility to see our production, will be perceived as a way to become more familiar with our product range. The focus of our two-day event is on the individual and qualified lectures in English language. Please take a look into our agenda.

For registration please use our online form

We would be pleased if we could welcome many of you on October 30th, 2015 in Germany!

OST Trade Fair, 23-24 October 2015

At the Orthopaedic Shoe Technology European Trade Fair and Congress visitors can expect a wide-ranging overview of matters relating to the foot and shoe. All major industry providers are represented at the trade fair, along with representatives from the field of podiatry and associated service companies. The content ranges from materials to aids and appliances, mechanical engineering, new measurement and production technologies, as well as comfort shoes.

The accompanying congress provides an opportunity to gain new insights into solutions for familiar foot problems. During the congress insole provision, the subtalar joint, the treatment of forefoot complaints and osteoarthritis are discussed not just from a theoretical scientific but from a strongly practically oriented viewpoint. Meanwhile, outside the exhibition centre the city of Cologne is always worth a visit.

We shall be exhibiting our products and innovations on a collective stand in Hall 4.2.

EXPOLIFE 2015 - Visitor numbers up for anniversary

Over the three days of the trade fair a total of 7,784 visitors came to Kassel: that's three per cent up on the figure for the previous staging of the event in 2013. On the 17,000 m2 space 266 the products on display came from companies operating in the truss and support bandage, homecare, medical technology, mobility and daily help, phlebology, rehabilitation technology, prosthetics, health care supply store, orthotics, orthopaedics and orthopaedic shoe technology segments. Trade visitors were thus able to gain a comprehensive view of the various novelties and innovative solutions now on offer. EXPOLIFE provides vital impetus for all those involved in the specialist health-care business.

We would like to thank the organisers for their excellent running of the event and our visitors for some enjoyable discussions and the interest shown in our products and innovations.

New functions and design aids

Designing personalised individual versions of our NovaPED exclusive flip-flops via our SCHEINWORKS construction design programme is becoming ever more popular. Now, to offer you and your customers even more individuality in future, we've decided to expand the SCHEINWORKS construction programme. From now on we're offering you two design areas for NovaPED exclusive:

1. NovaPED exclusive measure:
• design of an individual, comfortable wellness footbed
• moderately adjustable design elements while design process remains unaltered
• available as a construction kit or finished model offered in three widths

2. NovaPED exclusive kit:
• design of an individual footbed
• unaltered design process with option of incorporating orthopaedic elements
• only available as a construction kit

Details of the strap width and illustration of the design have been added to the combination. Feel free to take a look at:

Cool summer with NovaPED exclusive

You all know our NovaPED exclusive flip-flops: an individually tailored global design which appeals to customers as a high-quality product providing perfectly fitting support while walking and satisfying individual customer tastes.

Today we're supplying you with attractive advertising material to serve as a great summer eye-catcher for your customers. Ideal for placing in the waiting area for your customers or simply as a drinks dispenser for your workshop:

The drinks cool box, featuring attractive NovaPED exclusive advertising, or the mini fridge, also displaying a cool NovaPED exclusive design, are guaranteed to grab attention. Don't miss our Cool Summer campaign: just get in touch with us!

NovaPED exclusive - New colours and extras

Just in time for the warmer weather we've come up with plenty of novelties for you and your customers in our range of NovaPED exclusive flip-flops.

Why not take a look at and combine our new extras directly:
Studs: laid back, cool, rock and roll: our new extra studs in either silver or antique finish are always good for a fashionable look.
Stylish uppers: combine the two leathers of your choice into a single upper, thus creating a whole new effect.
New ARU batik outsoles: these batik materials are among our top sellers, so we've added two new colours - we wish you lots of fun combining them.

my generation 2 - Now with its own "my design" shoe configurator

Every single model in our my generation range of therapy shoes offers outstanding quality, top-class leather and materials, along with painstaking attention to detail.

For our new "my generation" collection of therapeutic shoes we have oriented ourselves closely to the latest fashions, trends and colours. The result is a varied collection of cheerfully coloured children's shoes, cool chucks with studs and glittery laces, alongside proven models featuring more restrained colours. You'll find our complete selection over the 96 pages of our new "my generation 2" catalogue.

The printing of our catalogues is CO2-certified. This means that the emissions, most of which are caused by the paper manufacturing process, are 100% offset through our support for environmentally friendly projects in Germany.

However, if you cannot find a particular colour or type of leather for a given shoe you can try it out for yourself by becoming your own designer on our new "my design" shoe configurator.

From the soles to the shoelaces, you can choose every component individually, thus producing your own unique my design creation!

To try it out for yourself go to:

Warm feet, even in winter

Based on our current NovaPED business orthotic blanks, we are unveiling our "Winter Edition" NovaPed business insoles just as the weather turns colder. The orthotic insoles, manufactured using tried-and-tested foil technology, are perfectly designed to fit business shoes in terms of shape and profile. The soft teddy cover on the "Winter Edition" of the NovaPED business insoles stores heat and keeps your feet warm. Please just ask for more details.

View collection

Download brochure NovaPED business Winter

New elements and construction aids

Our free web-based construction programm offers the possibility to construct and configure personalized insoles and thong sandals. This year, SCHEINWORKS construction is already celebrating its second anniversary. During this time, we have been continually developing and expanding our software. For example, we have revised existing elements, supplemented new construction elements, and integrated additional construction aids. Come and take a look:

OrthoSense - 3D back scanner with iPad control system

The OrthoSense back scanner enables you to conduct a comprehensive pain analysis for your patient. The intuitive operation via its own, specially developed app is unique, and controlled via the iPad included with the system. This allows you increased freedom of movement and simpler treatment.

The OrthoSense 3D scanner enables you to document various symptoms and their causes precisely and easily. Some such symptoms include: shoulder rotations, shoulder elevation and misalignment of the pelvis.

The software offers you four different live views, and the pain recording protocol leads you through the different therapeutic steps. Placing the points of pain is done in accordance with a simple principle. The integrated reporting function allows you to record details of every examination and to send them as a PDF via email using the app. You can decide which information is included in the report.

Download brochure

NovaPED business - Warm feet, even in winter

Based on our current NovaPED business orthotic blanks, we are unveiling our "Winter Edition" NovaPed business insoles just as the weather turns colder. The orthotic blanks, manufactured using tried-and-tested foil technology, are perfectly designed to fit business shoes in terms of shape and profile. The soft teddy cover on the "Winter Edition" of the NovaPED business insoles stores heat and keeps your feet warm. Please just ask for more details.

Download our new NovaPED business brochure

NovaPED insoles - Insole blanks for specific indications

Pain when setting your foot down, rolling through, and limited mobility may have many different causes. Overloading the joints, faulty foot posture, injuries or age-related disease are the most common of these. Symptoms such as hallux rigidus, metatarsalgia and plantar fasciitis are the most common. To address these problems specifically, our new flyer summarizes the insole blanks specifically categorized according to indication. We offer various blanks for every symptom both using foil technology and as a soft foam version.

Download our new NovaPED insoles brochure

NovaPED exclusive - Advertising in large format

Two new lorry semi-trailers that have been on the road for a few weeks are a real "eye-catcher" in road traffic. On a 42 m² surface area, they present our NovaPED exclusive sandals. The individually tailor-produced NovaPED exclusives can be seen in 48 different colour combinations. With this initiative, we would like to support you in advertising for the NovaPED exclusive sandals. A real eye-catcher on the streets.

NovaPED exclusive


Our thong sandals are becoming even more exclusive this summer: As a new extra, we are offering our uppers refined with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS. Here, you can either select the extra SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS "Fine Rocks" - where the SWAROVSKI® stones are applied directly to the suede - or you can opt for a braid combination with the SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS "Crystal Fabric". The sportier types can also choose a braid combination made of two smooth leathers. As always, individuality for your feet - you choose!

NovaPED exclusive

Download our NovaPED exclusive Flyer

NovaPED business - New look and new forms

Even at work, a heavy load is placed on our feet every day. To prevent overload damage or reduce already existing complaints, we developed the NovaPED business insole blanks specially for business shoes for ladies and men. Application examples: splayfoot, talipes valgus, metatarsalgia, light hollow foot.
The NovaPED business insoles are high-quality plastic blanks manufactured in the tried-and-tested film technology. With their shape and their very small design height, they are adapted to current shoe fashion. Thus, business shoes and insoles can form an optimally functioning unit.
The NovaPED business insoles can be reworked for individual tailoring.

View Collection

Download our NovaPED business Flyer

SCHEINWORKS construction - New functions and construction aids

Based on a JPG file in the form of a foot scan, a foot pressure measurement, a scanned blue print or foot impression foam, you can design NovaPED active custom insoles and customised NovaPED exclusive thong sandals in a completely web-based manner.

As part of OTWorld in Leipzig, new functions and construction aids of the software were presented. The bases for NovaPED active can vary in their strength and notches, for example for a heel spur, can also be constructed. Construction was simplified due to such factors as the opportunity to use a screen with an indication of the measurements. In addition, an automated smoothing function for a smoother surface was integrated.

New Ortho Lady & Ortho Gent stock-program 2014

The Ortho Lady & Ortho Gent portfolio includes the Carla, Sonja and Dave model lines. Carla and Dave have the tried-and-tested last shape and comfortable PU sole.
For the model line Sonja, we have designed a whole new last shape, sole shape and PU sole. The footbed can be changed with all models. All models have a comfortable fit and breathable leather upper and are extremely easy-care.

Browse through the new Ortho Lady & Ortho Gent stock-program
Download brochure


The leading international industry event has a new name: OTWorld. For the eighth time now, the world's leading trade fair in the field of orthopaedics and rehabilitation technology will fill the exhibition grounds in Leipzig, where the focal point this year shall lie on research and development. Many national and above all international industry leaders are expected once again under the motto "combining worlds".
We are already looking forward to your visit!

NovaPED sports - Further development of the sport shoe insoles product line

Every sport has its own way of moving and its own set of strains. Due to the constant shifting of forces, there is a risk that the hips, knees or, in particular, the feet will be subjected to too much stress.

In order to reduce excess stress, relieve previously damaged structures and improve movement, we have developed our successful NovaPED sports insole models further. The newest findings from sports medicine were put to use in the design. Each model also has a new, stylish design. The high-quality synthetic blanks were produced using proven foil technology. Each model is adapted to a particular sport and contains specific padding and support elements. Our NovaPED sports insets are also characterised by their low height and high level of comfort.

The new prospectus will be available soon.

NovaPED exclusive with individual engraving

Now, you can design your personal NovaPED exclusive model to make it even more individual!

The new extra "laser engraving" selection can be used to laser a personal text into the cover material. Your name, initials or a date - the choice is yours. The field is predetermined, as only a specific keystroke is possible. During this process, you can choose between two fonts (Myriad Pro and Bradley Hand ITC).

What's more, you can now combine all three extras

Embroidery on the outer strap,
Fur as the material on the inner strap
and personal laser engraving

with one another! Who says you're not spoiled for choice?

NovaPED exclusive Configuration

SCHEINWORKS construction

A new CAD system for individual shaped insole construction.

In combination with our shaping service, the computer-aided construction of insoles offers you a wealth of benefits:

Cost savings - time savings - services

You don't have to pay any investment costs or licence fees. The system is completely web-based and therefore no updates are necessary. You can use manufacturer-independent JPG data (scanned and printed measurements) as a basis for your designs.
The system is characterised by user-friendly processes, simple designs and easy reproducibility.

SCHEINWORKS construction

Ortho Lady & Ortho Gent stock-program 2013

The Ortho Lady & Ortho Gent portfolio includes the Carla, Sonja and Dave model lines. Carla and Dave have the tried-and-tested last shape and comfortable PU sole.
For the model line Sonja, we have designed a whole new last shape, sole shape and PU sole. The footbed can be changed with all models. All models have a comfortable fit and breathable leather upper and are extremely easy-care.

Browse through the new Ortho Lady & Ortho Gent stock-program
Download the new Ortho Lady & Ortho Gent stock-program

actiflex stock-program spring/summer 2013

Our "actiflex" brand offers specialist retailers a shoe with a unique stretch. We use genuine stretch leather to create absolute comfort. That is why the actiflex collection is the ideal addition to every comfy shoe range - and therefore an absolute must for specialised providers in this segment!
K-width models are now also increasingly popular. The generous overall capacity of this type of shoe allows thicker soft padded insoles to be used without restricting the feet, and its broad tread offers stability when walking or standing. The heel counter provides good support for the patient even in this broader width.

Browse through the new actiflex Stock-Program
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NovaPED ESD insoles have been especially certified by an official testing institute for demanding requirements in combination with safety shoes. To mark the beginning of the new year, we would like to inform you about a few changes in this field.

Firstly, with E/D/E Einkaufsbüro Deutscher Eisenhändler (Association of German Hardware Dealers) and Engelbert Strauss (range of safety shoes, e.s.) we have gained two new cooperating partners. The NovaPED ESD insole system is now tested in combination with selected safety shoes from the following companies:
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Further information is also available directly from our cooperation partners.

Secondly, the cover material 'Cambrell' has been replaced with the material 'ARU X-static ESD'. The first type tests with the new material have already been successfully completed. Additional certifications are to follow. All insoles which it was possible to cover with the old cover material can also continue to be used without a cover.

Stance Analysis, Gait Analysis, Running Analysis and Foot scan – three systems, one software

The SCHEINWORKS System allows using several measuring systems with only a single software. The core of the analysis is the treadmill with integrated pressure measuring plate. In combination with the optional synchronised SCHEINWORKS cameras, motion analysis can also be performed visually. The SCHEINWORKS DigiPED foot scanner, which can also be used as an individual measuring unit, complements the analysis. Whichever measuring and analysis systems you choose, we offer additionally large screens and computer with software installation.

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New actiflex stock-program

The new actiflex stock-program for the Autumn/Winter collection is now available.
Our newly designed brochure presents 36 standard models and further models in width "K". In addition, three models for men can be selected for the coming season.
All models are identified by one of three new symbols. This makes it even easier to find exactly the right shoe for you and your requirements. It goes without saying that all models are supplied with exchangeable insoles. The risk of slipping is minimised by the heel curve which is specially adapted for insoles.
The first class materials used in the manufacture and ongoing quality controls make our actiflex comfort shoes special.

Browse through the new actiflex Stock-Program

schein kids has become "my generation by schein"

You can only be yourself if you feel good in your own skin. Expressing your own personality and not pretending - these are important parts of adolescent and child development!

We have captured these elements and implemented them in our new brochure "my generation by schein".

The new collection includes many new colours and models. The collection for the whole year is reproduced in the new brochure. From sandals, through casual low shoes to winter models, there is something for every occasion and all tastes.

Let us surprise you: my generation by schein.

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New stock programmes for actiflex and Ortho Lady & Gent

The new warehouse programmes for "actiflex" Spring/Summer 2012 and "Ortho Lady & Gent 2012" are available starting immediately.
The "actiflex" collection includes 48 women's models and 6 men's models.
The new Ortho Lady & Gent programme was divided into three product groups.
The model series "Carla" and "Dave" include the models that have already proved successful in recent years, supplemented by new colours and new cuts.
The new model series "Sonja" is based on a completely new shoelast form.
All three model series feature a replaceable footbed.

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Exclusive new colours

Right on time for the official beginning of summer 2011 we have expanded the range of colours to include further materials. 16 new strap colours for outside, five new strap colours for inside and two new colours for the shoe tread are have been added to the assortment effective immediately. This makes for numerous new colour combinations. Try out the new colours in our configurator and create your own individual design (

Exclusive packaging

Effective immediately, we will be shipping out NovaPED in a new package exclusively. These high-quality thong sandals demand an innovative presentation. A window has been integrated in the package to provide customers with direct visual product contact. This makes it possible for you to present the product in a visually attractive manner right at the POS. The practical carrying grip based on a strap design renders takeaway packing unnecessary and gives you an additional advertising effect.

Sensomotor insoles for gait pattern correction

The range of application for sensomotor insoles has expanded significantly in recent years. With the help of this type of active insole, certain spastic malpositions and other functional symptom pictures can be treated in orthopaedic technician/orthopaedic shoe technician. Specific dynamic asymmetries can be compensated with a flexible insole instead of with complex passive orthotic aids.

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