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Novaped sensoCAD - Just KISS

We launched our new Novaped sensoCAD system at this year's OST trade fair in Cologne. In keeping with our motto 'KISS: Keep it simple and smart', we have developed a new product line which makes it easy for beginners to get started with sensomotoric insoles and makes life easier for seasoned professionals.

The Novaped sensoCAD system is based on five differently designed orthopaedic foot supports which can be used to treat a wide range of different conditions. The models have been linked with various example applications to make it easier to select the right support. In line with a medical prescription, the supports are individually adjusted for a customer by a healthcare technician into a special construction. The supports are adjusted by grinding. Another option is Novaped sensoCAD elements; add-on parts which are fused to the underside of the support. The optionally available insole patterns make it easier to incorporate the Novaped elements into the shoe and position them.

Novaped sensoCAD orthopaedic foot supports are milled from EVA with a Shore A hardness of 35°. On the underside, the supports are reinforced by a differently coloured film composite material which makes it easier to distinguish the individual models from each other. All supports are available with a flat or rounded heel in sizes 19 to 50 and can be ordered individually.