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Tailored safety

Orthopaedic foot supports for wearers of occupational safety footwear are subject to DGUV regulation 112-191 (formerly BGR 191), ‘Use of foot and knee protection’.
NovaPED work insoles blanks have been specially developed for these strict requirements and type-examination tested in combination with various safety shoes by an independent testing institute.

The following test criteria were fulfilled:

Our NovaPED work system is type-examination-tested in line with DIN EN ISO 20345 in combination with occupational safety footwear from the following companies:

Eine Liste der Sicherheitsschuhe können Sie hier downloaden...

Individualised care is provided by alteration and processing of the NovaPED work insoles in line with the manufacturing instructions.

Various indications can be treated, including:

NovaPED work soft
Soft cushioning pad made from Thermofix
Standard Code-No. 972778-799
Step Code-No. 970290-799
Heel spur Code-No. 970146-799
Material hermofix, approx. 45° Shore A, ESD-capable
Base 10 mm anti-static Thermofix
Cover 6 mm anti-static Thermofix
Model Long sole, with forefoot perforation
Sizes 35-48

NovaPED work active
Milled piece made from Multiform ESD
Code-No. 785012-004 Flat heel (approx. 5 mm), without covering
Code-No. 785011-004 High heel (approx. 10 mm), without covering
Code-No. 785012-018 Flat heel (approx. 5 mm), with loose covering made from conductive microfibre
Code-No. 785011-018 High heel (approx. 10 mm), with loose covering made from conductive microfibre
Code-No. 785012-028 Assembly set: one pair of insole pieces with flat heel (approx. 5 mm), loose covering made from conductive microfibre, adhesive, brush
Code-No. 785011-028 Assembly set: one pair of insole pieces, high heel (approx. 10 mm), loose covering made from conductive microfibre, adhesive, brush
Material Multiform ESD, approx. 36° Shore A, ESD-capable
Model long sole, milled, forefoot perforated
Sizes 35-50

Material components for shoe modifications
Our material components have been type-examination tested with models from the manufacturers Elten, Format, Künzli, Mascot and Stabilus.
Starpur ESD mounting board, black, approx. 150 x 350 mm Code-No. 010693-003/ -006/ -009/ -018
Star HD heel sheet, dark brown, Thickness 5,5 mm, approx. 530 x 700 mm Code-No. 010696-055
Köraplast 182 anti-static adhesive, 0,660 kg packaging Code-No. R10625-010
KÖ TR 280 strengthener, transparent, 0,100 kg packaging Code-No. R10628-001

Material for milled insoles
ESD milling material 964120-558 as 30 mm milling block
010689-351 as sheet goods
conductive microfibre covering material Code-No. 010909-000
ARU X-static ESD covering material R10900-299 as rolled goods
R10900-298 as running-metre goods
Renia Renol RS adhesive Code-No. 011628-850

Who covers the costs?
Generally, the employer is responsible for the provision of PPE (personal protective equipment).
The costs of orthopaedically adjusted foot protection (shoes and insoles) are reimbursed by providers of services for occupational rehabilitation: The prerequisites for costs to be covered are explained in more detail in DGUV regulation 112-191 (Appendix 2, point 5). The consent of those covering the costs should be obtained before the service is provided.

Manufacturing instructions
Manufacturing instructions specify the individual procedures and material components that must be adhered to in the production of the orthopaedically adjusted foot protection. Any change to the insoles or shoes that does not correspond to the manufacturing instructions will lead to the type-examination certificate being revoked.