Schein company group

Our feet take care of our mobility and freedom of movement, but who takes care of our feet?

We do – as the Schein Group – with endless commitment and passion. Since 1879, we have dedicated our every effort to orthopaedics for people of all ages.

We unite tradition and innovation

Approaching the issues of people, health, mobility and sustainable production with compassion and sensitivity is of utmost importance to us. The expertise passed down through the generations guarantees the high quality of every single product and service we provide.

Together for the greater good

Our owner-managed group has more than 500 employees at four different locations. Our Schein headquarters are based in Remscheid in the Bergisches Land. Our subsidiary RuckgaberBrüggemann is located in Rottenburg, Swabia, and the home of ATeC Shoes is Erfurt in Thuringia. Our shoes are produced by our third subsidiary, Schein Orthopädie Service Ungarn, in Hungary.

With over 3,000 retailers in Germany and many more partners throughout over 100 countries worldwide, we offer a comprehensive international network.

Our mission

Those who focus on people bear an immense responsibility. We embrace this with enthusiasm and dedication!

We help – to increase mobility and quality of life.