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October, 13th 2020


Ortho Lady & Gent
New pre-order collection 2021

The new 'Ortho Lady & Gent | Spring/Summer 2021 Pre-order' catalogue is here - now with an online configurator!

Our new Schein Ortho Lady & Gent pre-order collection stands out thanks to its excellent fit, modern design and the 'OnDry' lining material, unique in the industry, which we now use with many models. Order our catalogue or take a look online:
Download pre-order collection

We have also programmed our own new configurator for the Ortho Lady & Gent models to accompany the new collection! You can design the existing models in stock and the new pre-order collection just how you want them with our configurator. From the soles to the colour of the seams, you can select it all! Test out our new configurator now:
Ortho Lady & Gent configurator

Novaped plateau by Schein
We are expanding our NovaPED range

NovaPED plateau orthopaedic foot supports manufactured using the 'film technique' have proven their efficacy in recent years, especially in the treatment of children's feet. Now, our NovaPED family has grown further: with the NovaPED plateau orthopaedic foot supports by schein. Through the use of different materials, the inserts can have a padding, cushioning or supporting effect.

The cupped heel on the inner side improves pressure distribution. The plateau on the underside provides an enlarged support surface, which also stabilises the heel. Grinding the plateau allows the hindfoot to be pronated or supinated as needed.

Our NovaPED plateau orthopaedic foot supports are available from our warehouse. More information is available from your sales force contact.

Download brochure

OnDry by onSteam

We are bringing a new brand to the market: The well-known tried-and-tested material onSteam has a new name with us: OnDry by onSteam.

The name has changed, but the material remains the same. Here are just a few of its excellent characteristics:

  • Breathability
  • Perfect moisture absorption
  • Temperature-regulating
  • Odour-neutral
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Absorption/desorption
  • Hypoallergenic

OnDry by onSteam is available from our warehouse and from RuckgaberBrüggemann GmbH by the metre or as a mini-roll. The name OnDry by onSteam will gradually replace the previous name onSteam in all the product brochures of our NovaPED series. OnDry by onSteam will also be used as lining material in our new collection of children's shoes in future.

More information is available from our sales force or on www.schein.de

Schein Orthopädie Service KG GOES GREEN
Work economically and act ecologically
with thinner NOVOTRITT foot impression foam

Our range of well-known NOVOTRITT by schein impression foams, previously available in Medium and XL sizes, is expanding. The thinner Slim version is now available.

In comparison to the Medium version, that means considerably lower volume and thus also less waste! Transport and storage costs are also reduced by as much as 40% - another environmental benefit.

All the foams are dermatologically tested, fine-pored and soft. More information is available from our sales force!

PRO UGANDA campaign
We help! And together with our customers we are sending an aid container to Uganda

In line with our mission 'We help - to increase the quality of life and mobility of people.', we have put the finishing touches to an aid container that will be heading to East Africa in the coming weeks.

Our call was answered by the Jordan medical centre in Krefeld, Hempel AG from Berlin and the Beuthel medical centre in Wuppertal. Among other things, prosthetic parts, orthoses, walking frames and children's clothing, as well as tools and materials for daily use in the African orthopaedic workshop, were delivered to our company headquarters. We collected these goods together, added our own products such as comfort shoes and shoes for diabetics, and sent the shipment on its way.

A total of 13 pallets with a combined weight of around 2.6 metric tons are now on their way from Remscheid to Stuttgart. The shipment will be processed there, prepared for overseas transport and then shipped from Hamburg to Mombasa. It is due to arrive there towards the end of the year.

The preparation and dispatch of the goods involved a great deal of effort from all involved. That makes us all the happier about the great result, and we are excited for our shipment to arrive in Uganda towards the end of the year. A further report on the use of our items in the orthopaedic workshop will follow.

We help - and increase the quality of life and mobility of the people of Uganda!

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