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NovaPED S90 carbon edition
From motor racing to orthopaedic shoe technology

Carbon fibres are industrially produced fibres made from raw materials containing carbon. Thanks to their very high stability and rigidity with simultaneously low elongation at fracture, carbon fibres have already been successfully implemented in motor racing and aviation technology.

The combination of carbon and our S90 foot support technology provides several benefits:

•  Inherent stability
•  Extreme thinness and light weight
•  Flexible heel
•  Smooth transitions
•  Anti-slip protective film

In keeping with modern provision possibilities, the high-tech material carbon has been added to existing production processes. Our carbon orthopaedic foot supports can be perfectly combined and customised with the accessory parts from the NovaPED S90 elements range.

Download NovaPED S90 carbon edition flyer

my generation / LucRo
Our Schein app - now as Web app!

From sizing up to selection of all available shoe models, our app offers helpful advice on a daily basis. Now you can easily use our app on your PC via our homepage or Web address app.schein.de.

Let the app calculate
Enter your patient's foot measurements; if necessary add the height of the orthopaedic foot support and our app will calculate the matching type of last.

Check the availability and use our filter functions
For checking the availability you have to enter your personal code.
The function can be switched on and off via settings at any time.

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Ortho Lady & Gent
New collection - new brochure format

Our brochure for the new Ortho Lady & Gent Pre-Order Collection 2017 contains a fresh selection of modern and comfortable mules and sandals.

The new format is an airy yet detailed way of showcasing our collection and makes an excellent basis from which to make your pre-order selection.

Download Ortho Lady & Gent Pre-Order Collection 2017

Schein visits Travemünde

We visited the Vocational School for Orthopaedic Shoemakers and Shoemakers in Lübeck-Travemünde again this year.

Our colleagues from product management and Norbert Christ, our sales force colleague, organised two days of presentations and workshops illustrating the lessons.

The agenda included such topics as orthopaedic foot support provision, gait analysis and lamination techniques.

Foot protection and its orthopaedic adjustment

We launched our new seminar on foot protection this year. This was conducted in Würzburg in June in cooperation with Stabilus Safety from Nördlingen.

The various subject areas dealt with safety footwear in general, the DGUV Rule 112-191, orthopaedic foot protection and the responsibilities of funding agencies. The high number of participants confirmed the relevance of the topic.

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