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10 November 2015

ATeC Shoes Orthopädie Service GmbH
Now under a new company name

As part of the merger of RuckgaberBrüggemann and the adaptation of the ATeC Shoes logo, the corporate name has also been aligned to the corporate group.

Henceforth the company will trade as
ATeC Shoes Orthopädie Service GmbH.

All other contact details remain unchanged. With this step, the appearance of the group of companies will be strengthened with an additional facet.

Accessories catalogue
From measuring devices to accessories

Across a total of 24 pages in our new accessories catalogue, we present you with all the materials required for shoe construction. From the outer soles to the appropriate lining to the uppers, in our catalogue you will find all the components that we also use for our shoes.

The range is rounded off with measuring devices, NovaPED special soft insole blanks for LucRo shoes, and care accessories.

Download accessories catalogue

my generation
"my design" shoe configurator

Anyone still wanting a specific colour or a different kind of leather on a shoe can try their hand at being a designer with our new "my design" shoe configurator.

Every element can be customised, from the sole to the shoelaces - allowing anyone to create their own one-of-a-kind "my design" shoes! Try it out for yourself.

Countless orders have already come in. Now it's time to implement them.


OST trade fair
New visitor records

A total of 3,852 visitors from almost 40 countries came to the city on the Rhine and used the industry meeting point to obtain and exchange information, to find out what’s new, and to further their knowledge. Participant numbers at the trade fair itself, as well as at the congress and parallel seminars, far exceeded those at previous events in 2011 and 2013 - almost all seminars were fully booked.

The 2015 industry meeting was to be an event in keeping with the tried-and-tested concept of short distances, so the trade fair and congress were located close to one another, with the congress and seminars taking place in new premises. Once again, a practice-oriented programme of talks was offered here, which was met with great interest from visitors from around the world.

We would like to thank the event organisers for their excellent work, and the visitors for the pleasant conversation and interest in our products.

Schein Export Seminar 2015

Even quick and easy communication via email or phone can’t replace personal discussion. That’s why we’re always excited to welcome our partners from around the world here in Remscheid.

This is the fifth time that we have organised our ‚seminar at Schein’, with the focus this year on diabetes.
After a tour of our company, MD Dirk Theodor Schraeder opened the presentation sessions with the current clinical state and treatment options at the Mathias-Spital in Rheine. Christian Heise from Product Management described where the focus should lie in the gait pattern of diabetic patients.
In the afternoon sessions, MD Ludwig Schwering explained the principles of diagnostics and treatment of Charcot foot, before Simone Werner closed the first day with a presentation of the features and functionalities of our LucRo treatment shoes. There was not much time to digest the various information; in the early evening, everyone had to place their bets! In line with the motto ‚Casino schein’, the cutlery was exchanged for chips after the convivial, delicious dinner, and everybody tried their luck at roulette, black jack or the poker table.

The next morning, orthopedic-shoe technician Franz Fischer opened the second day with the diagnostics and treatment possibilities for diabetic patients. Last but not least, orthopedic-shoe technician Robert Haimerl described how to think outside the box and to move from a classic insole treatment to sensomotoric treatment with the use of the 3D back scanner.

We hope you all enjoyed the presentations and the exchange of experiences on both days, and we look forward to welcoming you again soon!

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