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SCHEINWORKS construction
New functions and construction aids

Based on a JPG file in the form of a foot scan, a foot pressure measurement, a scanned blue print or foot impression foam, you can design NovaPED active custom insoles and customised NovaPED exclusive thong sandals in a completely web-based manner.

As part of OTWorld in Leipzig, new functions and construction aids of the software were presented. The bases for NovaPED active can vary in their strength and notches, for example for a heel spur, can also be constructed. Construction was simplified due to such factors as the opportunity to use a screen with an indication of the measurements. In addition, an automated smoothing function for a smoother surface was integrated.

NovaPED business
New look and new forms

Even at work, a heavy load is placed on our feet every day. To prevent overload damage or reduce already existing complaints, we developed the NovaPED business insole blanks specially for business shoes for ladies and men. Application examples: splayfoot, talipes valgus, metatarsalgia, light hollow foot.
The NovaPED business insoles are high-quality plastic blanks manufactured in the tried-and-tested film technology. With their shape and their very small design height, they are adapted to current shoe fashion. Thus, business shoes and insoles can form an optimally functioning unit.
The NovaPED business insoles can be reworked for individual tailoring.

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Download our NovaPED business Flyer

NovaPED exclusive

Our thong sandals are becoming even more exclusive this summer: As a new extra, we are offering our uppers refined with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS. Here, you can either select the extra SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS "Fine Rocks" - where the SWAROVSKI® stones are applied directly to the suede - or you can opt for a braid combination with the SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS "Crystal Fabric". The sportier types can also choose a braid combination made of two smooth leathers. As always, individuality for your feet - you choose!

NovaPED exclusive

Download our NovaPED exclusive Flyer

ARU® Milling Materials
New products and a new catalogue

Thanks to our many years of experience in the development of milling materials, we present to you the most extensive selection, with many colours, shore hardnesses, combinations and contour variations, tailored to all common machine types. Thus the new catalogue shows 146 different materials on 68 pages, produced primarily from EVA. All ARU milling materials fulfil the highest standards with regard to quality and processing possibilities and offer outstanding wear comfort. Our large warehouse and our in-house punching shop ensure constant deliverability within 24 hours.

Download the new ARU® Milling Materials catalogue

ARU® Cover and Lining Materials
Lots of new designs merged in a new catalogue

With the ARU® fabric materials, experience the entire range of opportunities to give insoles a whole new optic. The new catalogue gives you an overview of the large number of new designs. New designs especially for children were created with their direct collaboration. In addition, the catalogue offers all opportunities for individualised self-design. However you decide, with the ARUR fabric materials you receive a material of outstanding quality with long durability and outstanding wear properties. We are happy to advise you.

Download the new ARU® Cover and Lining Materials catalogue

ATeC models
New standard upper models in a new Look

In our new brochure we are presenting 25 new standard upper models. As a new development in the product range, there are now slipper uppers for ladies and gentlemen that are produced from Fashmo, a micro fibre material that is particularly soft and possesses a silkily honed surface. This variety makes it easy for the patient to select a shoe according to his wishes and ideas. When it comes to the design of the uppers by our in-house designers, the focus for us is on orthopaedic care and, in particular, the fashion aspect.

Download the new standard upper models brochure

OTWorld 2014
The growth continues

More than 20,000 visitors streamed to the international trade fair and global conference at the Leipzig trade fair site, which was launched this year under the new name "OTWorld" for the first time. With 44,000 square metres of surface area in two exhibition halls, OTWorld was the largest event in its history so far. More than a third of the visitors came from abroad, as did almost half of the 548 exhibitors. Visitors from more than 80 countries found out about news from the industry.

We thank the organisers for their excellent organisation of the event as well as the visitors for the friendly discussions and their interest in our products and innovations.

A guest at the MEDsports Symposium

For already the third time in a row, we supported the MEDsports Symposium in Hradec Kr├ílové (Czech Republic). The event was organised by Dr Miroslav Havrda, owner of MEDsport and a specialist in insole provision. The symposium was aimed at doctors, physiotherapists and chiropodists who deal mainly with insole provision.

Our employees supported the event with presentations on the topics of insole provision, gait and posture analysis and informed the participants present about products and innovations from our company.

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