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November 4, 2014

NovaPED business
Warm feet, even in winter

Based on our current NovaPED business orthotic blanks, we are unveiling our "Winter Edition" NovaPed business insoles just as the weather turns colder. The orthotic blanks, manufactured using tried-and-tested foil technology, are perfectly designed to fit business shoes in terms of shape and profile. The soft teddy cover on the "Winter Edition" of the NovaPED business insoles stores heat and keeps your feet warm. Please just ask for more details.

NovaPED insoles
Insole blanks for specific indications

Pain when setting your foot down, rolling through, and limited mobility may have many different causes. Overloading the joints, faulty foot posture, injuries or age-related disease are the most common of these. Symptoms such as hallux rigidus, metatarsalgia and plantar fasciitis are the most common. To address these problems specifically, our new flyer summarizes the insole blanks specifically categorized according to indication. We offer various blanks for every symptom both using foil technology and as a soft foam version.

Download our new NovaPED insoles brochure

3D back scanner with iPad control system

The OrthoSense back scanner enables you to conduct a comprehensive pain analysis for your patient. The intuitive operation via its own, specially developed app is unique, and controlled via the iPad included with the system. This allows you increased freedom of movement and simpler treatment.

The OrthoSense 3D scanner enables you to document various symptoms and their causes precisely and easily. Some such symptoms include: shoulder rotations, shoulder elevation and misalignment of the pelvis.

The software offers you four different live views, and the pain recording protocol leads you through the different therapeutic steps. Placing the points of pain is done in accordance with a simple principle. The integrated reporting function allows you to record details of every examination and to send them as a PDF via email using the app. You can decide which information is included in the report.

Download our OrthoSense Brochure

Ruckgaber Web-Shop
Now completely in english!

The entire Ruckgaber online shop is now also available in English. All product categories and products have been translated especially for this purpose.

Want to know how to use this service? Just write us a quick email or give us a call. We'll set up your account for you and you will then receive an email with your log-in details so you can get going straight away!

E-Mail: info@ruckgaber.de
Phone: +49 7457 9497-0

Trade fair in Poland

From September 18 to 20, our company attended the 22nd International Rehabilitation Trade Fair REHABILITACJA in Lodz, Poland.

The focus was on our NovaPED orthotic blanks, LucRo therapeutic footwear and my generation, as well as the actiflex and Ortho Lady and Gent comfort plus footwear. This all created great interest among the visitors. To coincide with the trade fair, there was also a two-day conference on treating diabetic foot at clinics and doctor's offices, along with its treatment standards. Simone Werner, Product Manager at Schein Orthopädie Service, spoke about the use of specialist footwear for people with diabetes.

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