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SCHEINWORKS construction

SCHEINWORKS construction is a web-based construction software that allows you at any time to design a new product or to access the designs that are already available. You can choose from various profiles, arch supports, pads, toe grips and special elements, all of which can be individually adapted to your foot. Our diverse range of materials provides you with further ways in which to add an individual tough to your product. You yourself can design the material structure from up to three layers in such a way that suits your product concept.

In conjunction with our shaping service, the computer-aided design of inserts offers you a wealth of benefits:

Costs savings
Time savings


OST trade fair, Cologne

At the Orthopaedic Shoe Technology - European Specialised Trade Fair with Congress, you as a visitor can expect an extensive range of foot- and shoe-related products and services. At the specialised trade fair, you will find all of the sector's essential suppliers - from material, over auxiliary devices, mechanical engineering and new measuring and production technologies, to comfort shoes and sector-related service providers. The accompanying specialised congress gives you the opportunity to gain new insights into how to solve known foot problems. Orthotics, the lower ankle joint, treatment of forefoot problems and gonarthrosis are dealt with both from a scientific perspective and in a very practical fashion. The city of Cologne is also worth a visit apart from the trade fair halls.

We will be showcasing our products and innovations at a joint booth in Hall 4.2.


NovaPED exclusive with individual engraving

Now, you can design your personal NovaPED exclusive model to make it even more individual!

The new extra "laser engraving" selection can be used to laser a personal text into the cover material. Your name, initials or a date - the choice is yours. The field is predetermined, as only a specific keystroke is possible. During this process, you can choose between two fonts (Myriad Pro and Bradley Hand ITC).

What's more, you can now combine all three extras

Embroidery on the outer strap,
Fur as the material on the inner strap
and personal laser engraving

with one another! Who says you're not spoiled for choice?

NovaPED exclusive Configuration

Tunisian students visit Schein

On 31.05.2013, we welcomed a group of 17 Tunisian students to our company. The students were shown around by Mr. Christian Schlierf (Program Director, Human Study e.V.) and Mr. Sepp Heim (former President of ISPO) among others. The students are taking part in the "German-Tunisian Educational Partnership Orthopaedic Technology" aimed at further training of Tunisian orthopaedic technicians to international standards. A specially developed e-learning programme, which was complemented by practical seminars and intermediate tests, was used to convey theoretical content. The project is being realised by the association Human Study e. V. and is being supported by the German Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Tunisian Ministry for Social Affairs.

As part of a three-week practical seminar, the students attended a seminar on the topics of classic and sensormotoric insert products and gait analysis at our premises. In addition, they gained insights into how blank inserts are industrially manufactured as part of a company tour.

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Workshop Anatomiekurs "Der Fuß"

Basis-Seminar Ganganalyse in der OT

Basis-Seminar Sensomotorik

26.09. - 27.09.2013

Hausmesse Brüggemann Bottrop